The Requirements

RRF Online started their online education platform using their website. They wanted to develop an android app which will be connected with their website database and which can be controlled from the website. The basic requirements were:

  • Creating user login system using website database.
  • Viewing all courses and classes from the app.
  • Having all the restrictions (which are available in website) in the app.
  • Reading and Sharing blog post.
  • Getting push notificaion when a class or blog post publish.

Our Opportunities and Threats

We were very clear about our requirements. That helped us to kick start the project immediately. Though there were some basic threats. Such as, this website has some videos from youtube. So, we had to create a player first for the youtube video. We also had to maintain the player for normal videos too. But we actually overcomed this very easily. Other fuctions were easy for us.


As we knew our task very well, we did complete this fast. We took 15 days for completing the project. Design took 3 days and Development took 12 days. Client was happy with the outcomes.