The Requirements

When we discussed the project with the client, the basic requirement was to redesign the website. They gave us some website as an example. The old website was very generic looking. So, they also wanted to have some scroll animations to make it beautiful.

Our Opportunities and Threats

When we started with the basic requirments, we had a big space to redesign it because old website didn't have a very good design. So, it was our opportunity to present a good design. But there was also a threat. Client didn't have any written content for the new website design. We had to pick all the content from the website and we were bound to those content. We didn't have chance to increase the content. So, We had to design the website with some limitations also.


We took 20 days for completing the project. Design took 12 days and HTML Development took 8 days. Clients were happy with the outcomes.